The WaterGizzi™ Story

The WaterGizzi™.
We believe in raising awareness.

A highly innovative team, that took risks and invested in a different approach, to make a global statement. With many years of studies our team had a vision and goal. We were looking to not only eliminate the harmful plastic bottles around the world, but develop technology that will provide clean, simple and chic drinking products. Whether you were traveling, hiking, exercising we wanted to bring reliable hydration products to the market.
Proudly we are launching the newest superior hydration products. Our Multi-patented gadgets have so many practical usages and applications. Everyday hydration and filtration, For your on-the-go life.
Join us while we revolutionize. Eliminating plastic bottles one Gizzi at a time. Hands free filtration system’s you can depend on. Safe & smart drinking made simple. BPA/Iodine Free.

  • Reliable & Easy to use
  • Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Finger ring allows for easy transport and connection to packs
  • Package doubles as a water collection pouch
  • Converts to a straw filter with mouthpiece

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